From Mom, Written In The Voice Of The Family Dog

 I just wanted to warn you:  SOLE SUCKS!!!!!

You know how our Mommy is the best cook in the whole wide world??  And how she makes THE BEST RAW HAMBURGER ever!!!!!!  She has just the right talent to take it out of the package and touches it just so before she gives me samples of it – ooooh, heaven!   And she’s really, really great with tuna fish cans – I just LOVE taking the cans out of the garbage and licking every last morcel out – but this sole – NOT GOOD!

I went with her to work today and when she returned to me in the car she brought me a foil pack – normally a VERY GOOD thing!  Some of it was chipotle flavored = and that was pretty good – but there was some that was just plain!  YUCK!!!!

But I got back at her – when she went into the library I spread the plain boring smelly stuff ALL OVER THE CAR!!!!!!!  Yup, in the sunshine too!  I put some in the back seat, some in the front seat, some on the floor – boy, she will remember this day – and only bring me salmon in the future!!!!!!!

Love you!!

Molly Pup

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Love, Mom