my menopausal brain is short circuiting

I am very excited about coming down on Friday night and going to the BEACH!!  It will give us some “bonding time”. Don’t worry, I have no agenda, I’m just using the old cliche. It will be fun spending time with you. You are a very intelligent woman and I learn alot every time we are together.  I went to a dinner put on by the drug reps on the HPV vaccine. It was informative and the food was incredible-it was at the Simon Pearce, an eatery (I tried to spell restaraunt but my menopausal brain is short circuiting this morning). The place is in Quechee, very la de da. Anyway, I should be getting ready for work, I don’t think I will make it by 8am since it’s 7:54 now. By the way-I do have a problem with my left breast implant-it has formed scar tissue and it’s encapsulated so it’s as hard as a rock. Massage and vit E are supposed to help loosen things up. The right side is great but on the left it’s a true Barbie doll breast. See you on Friday night.


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Love, Mom
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