New Love for Kanye

Backstory: My mom probably hasn’t listened to anything besides Christian and/or country music for the past twenty years.

Mom: Have you heard of Kanye West?

Me: Umm, yes?

Mom: Have you heard his new CD? Track 11?

Me: Yes, I have heard it, but I don’t know that song… why?

Mom: Well your sister played it for me and I LOVE IT. I made her put it on my computer.

Me: hahaha hahahahahahhaa

Mom: What?

Me: That’s just… random.

Mom: Is he someone bad? What, is this the same as if I liked Eminem or something?

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    • 1.  Michael Hannah a.k.a Young Son

      That’s awesome! Yeah, it’s true that some older people don’t dig some of Kanye’s joints that contain expletives, but his has some great inspirational stuff too….this album is a good universal one because he didn’t even have any bad language in it and it was real heartfelt. Anybody from any walk of life and age group should be able to feel it.

      Plus, Coldest Winter is so real and deep anyways.

      January 2, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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