Can You Feel the Zen Tonight?

Backstory: My friend Bill wrote & performed a comedy sketch in which he cruelly berates a dog about his incessant barking.  All the while, the dog continues to gaze at Bill lovingly.  By the end of the sketch, Bill realizes that a dog’s neverending loyalty and love is really what it’s all about.  This is Mom’s response after having watched said sketch.

The more I think about the whole idea of that skit, the more I aspire to being very dog-like in temperment. Maybe it’ll be my New Year’s resolution even though I don’t believe in making them. Or maybe I’ll just start today. Maybe if Aunt J tells me AGAIN about the on-going crisis in her life (loose tile in her condo), I, too, will be able to just listen and smile contentedly. Or maybe when the business phone rings and I know I shouldn’t answer it but I do and it’s the Police Benevolent Society asking for a donation, I’ll be able to a)listen to the whole spiel without crumpling into a pile of self-hatred at having answered the phone in the first place and b) give generously, without dramatically sighing and sputtering with irritation. Maybe if I ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll be able to say, and I quote, as will so many others, “It all started with Bill and a dog.” Can you feel the Zen?

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Love, Mom
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