Christmas in DC or Bust!

Backstory: My mother sent this to my father, my brother and sister and me under the subject IMPORTANT: READ NOW. We never have christmas with her family because it’s too insane (hence the weirdness), and my grandmother has like 50 cats (hence the smells). But she’s decided that she will have christmas with them this year, with or without her children and husband.

Morning, everybody. This is the mother speaking. Do not delete.

This year, for the first time in 22 years, I would like Christmas to be in DC. You all know why: [your uncle] will have [your cousins] and of course he wants them to have a fun time with family. I know all of you would rather be here but that’s not the issue. I’m going to DC and I would love to have everybody there, but I don’t want anybody to go who’s going to be acting like a sullen asshole, or constantly complaining, etc. I’m going, please come, but if you come you must be there to participate and have a good time regardless of whatever weirdness or smells you might encounter.

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Love, Mom
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