It’s Just a Bloody Nuisance

Well try and rest up and dont get down on it – you seem to get upset so easily – in the greater scheme of tragedies this is a drop in the ocean, just a bloody nuisance  – remember -  you dont have cancer, a tumour, a terminal blood disease, multiple sclerosis, mental illness   (I hope), melanoma, dementia or a myriad of other ghastly incurable curses – just a tummy upset.  It WILL pass.   I will ring you tomorrow Possum .  (dont forget to disinfect your toilet and wash your hands often – recommended by WHO – I made that up but it seems like common sense so do it)  From your Mum (who knows everything medical) and Nanna  (who uses methylated spirts to cure everything)  who love you.

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Love, Mom
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