Maybe a Problem With Facebook

Backstory: I’m 39 years old and the mother of two.  This message was sent via Facebook about my profile as my mom sees it.

hey your home page is showing your cell phone number, your facebook number (ummm, what?), the fact that you live in _______ (which I don’t) , and you work for the ___________ (which it doesn’t), where you went to school, etc, the whole thing is on there, this could be dangerous if the wrong person got that info, i checked my home page and all it is people who i know and are sending me facebook emails, it looks like the info on your profile has maybe shown up on your home page, just thought i would let you know that it is still on there for all to see i cant even see when you are on facebook i dont know if anyone else can maybe a problem with facebook, so much for their privacy thing love you

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Love, Mom
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