The Tax Mum Cometh

Backstory: I have lived in Austria for ten years, my Mum is in the UK. She knows nothing about the tax system in Austria, nor does she have any idea what I earn, so the figures are just completely made up.

Mum: As you will be half way through the tax year when you stop working at the end of September you might find that you get some tax back, probably about £500. Or they might make you pay less tax.
Me: ? I haven’t paid any tax in the UK since 1999.
Mum: I mean in Austria.
Me: The system is completely different. You needn’t worry that I don’t know these things.
Mum: Well, just saying. I don’t know what you know.
Me: I know everything.
Mum: I thought so!
Mum: Oh and don’t send me any more text messages, they’re expensive.

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Love, Mom