Mom’s Epic Trilogy

Love you more than galaxies!


The Bomb

P.S.:  Dad and I took a walk in the yard tonight and I found a DEAD SNAKE IN THE SAME AREA THAT ALL THE OTHER SNAKES HAVE BEEN FOUND IN.  BUYING DYNAMITE TOMORROW TO BLOW UP SIDE YARD BY ARCHWAY.  **Screams and runs off.  Wets pants.  Hates snakes.**

P.P.S.:  Planning to write a trilogy.  Listed from first to last are the titles I have planned.

1) Screams and Runs Off

2) Wets Pants

3) Hates Snakes

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    • 1.  Another Mother

      At least, the snake’s dead. The ones I’m finding in my garage are very much alive. 1) Screams and Runs Off. 2) Wets Pants. 3) Hates Snakes.

      June 5, 2010 at 12:34 pm

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Love, Mom