Does Coffee = Sex?

Backstory: mom is recently single and just scheduled her first date on

PS  Boy emailed me and is going to call at noon and we might go out tonight.  Sooooo

·         It will probably be dinner what should I wear

·         If I invite him in for coffee or a drink will he think we are having sex?

·         I don’t have coffee or the makings, can I say tea?

·         Since it is after work how hard to I have to work on my hair and make up.

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    • 1.  wendy

      1) a little black dress, not too revealing. Only show off one body area at a time. If it’s low cut it should be long, if it’s high in front, it can show off your legs.

      2) Yes, don’t do it. Inappropriate for a first date. Do your talking at the restaurant or coffee bar later.

      3) see #2

      4) Take a shower and start both from scratch. You want to smell good. If no time, redo your makeup. Don’t wear perfume, you never know what will put someone off and smell is very powerful.

      November 24, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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Love, Mom