Turkey in a Paper Bag

Backstory: I was thinking of cooking a paper bag turkey for Thanksgiving any my mom wanted to try it out on a chicken first.

So let me tell you about the roast chicken in a paper bag!!  I cooked it for 1 hour and 40 minutes and figured it had to be done, carefully cut open the paper bag and tried not to let any steam burn my hands and checked the temp.  Well, 130 degrees.  It was not even close to being done and it didn’t brown and there was no crispy skin and the wings stuck to the paper even though the thing was well oiled and I felt like I needed 4 hands to get the slippery little bugger into the bag; that was a messy process.  So by 8 o’clock last night when Michael and I were both hungry and this chicken wasn’t even close to being ready, I pulled the damn thing out of the oven and called 5Star for a sub for him and a gyro for me and went to pick them up with wet hair.  I would skip the idea of turkey in a paper bag unless you want to wait forever to eat.

hahaha……………….love, Mom

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Love, Mom
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