Found You a Boyfriend on Oprah

Backstory: I came out to my mom this last summer and she is awfully curious when I’m going to be bringing home a boyfriend.

Mom: Adam Lambert on Oprah – He is pretty cool.  I would like him to be your boyfriend.  He could pay your student loans!   Tweet That!
Me: Oh my goodness mom.
Mom: :-) oh come on… you know it’s a good idea.  I could borrow his nail polish!
Me: You’re hilarious.
Mom: Cute boyfriends with cosmetics should be an advantage for me!   Work with me!
Me: I’m all for it.  Send him an email and set something up.
Mom: He should be so lucky to date you!

Another Momma, Another Idol Opinion

I can’t believe I watched for 2 hours just for it to be the wrong result! This is ridiculous! Let me tell you something Kris Allen, you may be cute but cute won’t get you to Vegas, taking over for Elton and Celine! Adam Lambert I will see you in Vegas and I WILL BUY YOUR RECORD!!!

Love, Mom