No Grandchildren Yet? An American Girl Doll Will Do

Backstory: On a trip to Chicago, my mom took my 20-year-old sister’s American Girl doll to have her gnarled hair re-braided. This woman needs grandchildren, stat!

This evening we took Molly over to the American Girl store to get her hair done – it is a rainy, blustery day in Chicago so we put her in the hotel laundry bag and off we went.

As I walked up to the salon counter, the lady there said, “Oh, has Molly come for a hair style?” Yes, indeed and we also signed her up for the Pampering Plus package (wash and cleaned up!) We were told by the hair stylist that she has seen dolls come in with far worse hair. So Molly felt better.

We were heading out to dinner so checked that Molly could stay for a sleep-over. That is where she is now – having her first American Girl sleep-over.

[A day later, another email arrives]

Molly is back with us and she looks beautiful. She even got bows, a hair clip and stick-on nail decorations. I thought we should celebrate so also got her a set of PJs and housecoat. She is now well-set in the wardrobe department.

Love you, Mom

Love, Mom
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