Who is the Baby Daddy?

Jeff and Becky are on the way to Kentucky. Suzy’s water broke and she is in labor. The baby was not due until June 14. Jeff is so hoping this is a good sign. Suzy had slept with her ex-husband 3 weeks before the one night stand with Jeff and since the baby is coming earlier than originally predicted Jeff is hoping this means it is not his child. Becky will keep me posted. Suzy’s ex does not even know she is in labor. He does know that she is pregnant and would like the child to be his. Suzy, however, wants it to be Jeff’s and wants Jeff there for the birth. Becky says it takes 5 days for the DNA results to come back but she feels like if this is Jeff’s baby she will know the minute she sees it. The dominant eye brows that Jeff and Vicky have seem to be a dominate gene carried in the family and she feels like the baby will have some characteristics of Jeff if in fact it is his son.

Love, Mom