Stitch n’ Bitch

Backstory: My mom & I are both members of the fiber site; she crochets & I knit. My younger sister is expecting her first baby (a boy!), and mom sent me this private message within the Ravelry site. The “penis face” reference comes from me telling Ravelry how fun mom is & posting a pic of her modeling a penis mask at my sister’s bachelorette party.

So, are you going to start knitting for your new nephew? Of course, your sister thinks I am going to go crazy, as if it was any of HER business.
I think he will need lots of little socks & hats. Of course, at the rate I go, I’d better start something now to have it finished in Feb. Your afghan comes first. Love & miss you
Penis Face Mom

Bachelorette Extravaganza Warning

Backstory: I’m heading to Coronado, CA for my bachelorette party.

Promise me you girls won’t cross the border to Tijuana, Mexico as part of your “Bachelorette Extravaganza”!  Don’t even think about trying to sneak across, cause if you go and you end up dead, I’ll know you went and then Ann Currie will be interviewing me on the “Today Show” and there will be a “Dateline Special” about the bride-to-be who didn’t do this one last thing that her mother asked of her and, consequently, she and her sistafriend and all of her bridesmaids….well, you know.

Moms Gone Wild

Backstory: Mom went to a raunchy NYC bachelorette party for a friend’s daughter. She told me this type of thing didn’t exist when she got married in the 70s.

Sorry I missed your call.  I just got back from New York City. I went with N– and an entourage of young and less young women for N’s bachelorette party. I know, you can’t beleive it. It was quite a trip. We went to Hunk-a-Mania where I saw things I didn’t want to see, P– got mad and went home on a bus, and D–, who rented a Suburban and drove us there, had a turkey fly into the car’s windshield and smash it to bits! What a weekend.
Love, Mom

Love, Mom