Dessert Psychological Warfare

So, I just made brownies and they came out as thin as pancakes! When I serve them tomorrow night, say, “Oh. you made miniature chocolate bites! I love them!”. They taste good and, if you don’t think of them as brownies, they’re fine!
aka crazy lady

Urgent Cheesecake Question

how long do you bake cheesecake? 30 mins or 1 1/2 hours?
I need to know in 10 minutes.
if you don’t answer me soon I will call you

Kitchen Porn

Backstory: My mom and I opened a bakery out of her kitchen in January.

Mom: I’m buying my kitchen porn tonight!! Yay!!!

Me: Did you say you are buying your kitchen porn tonight?? What does that mean??

Mom: Yes that is what I said. It is a big, hot, crimson red, pro 600 Kitchenaid Mixer. Kitchen porn.


How were the cupcakes?  I have a GREAT treat idea for you.  It is FANTABULOUS and you I could make it for tomorrow.  I think I will make some tonight.  There really is no assembly – all you do is put it together and pop it in the microwave…

Snyder Butter Snap pretzels, placed on a cookie sheet, Rollo’s or Hershey Kiss on top, warm in the oven, take out and top with an almond/peanut M&M – possibly yellow and purple…THEY ARE FANTASTIC!

How were your treats?

Love, Mom