Mom’s Solution to the Health Care Debate

Good morning, dearest children,
I just sent both of you an op-ed essay from today’s New York Times.
It is short, succinct, well-articulated.
It explains exactly how I feel about the health care debate.
Just letting you know that I am going to put my hands on some hemlock as part of my own future planning / advance directives.
Love you,

Obama’s Speech Makes Muslim Mom Happy

Backstory: My family emigrated to the United States in 1997. We are Muslim and we are from Bosnia and Herzegovina – and  we do not conform to any of the stereotypes Americans have of Muslims: we are European and we look, dress and behave like other Europeans. My mother enjoys the reactions she gets from people when she tells them she is Muslim so much that she often brings it up inappropriately. She tells me all about her adventures in e-mails she insists on writing in English for practice. This one, especially, made me cringe with embarrassment.

Hellooo my soul!

I finished listening Obama’s speech at Muslims again and again on YouTube! I made a little bit happy cry! I talked to your aunt by telephone! She don’t got to shout into it to be heard in America! I have now a headache. She cried too.

She told me your cousin is sending two pair of high heels and want you to send back two shirts, one what has American Eagle logo and another GAP. Summer shirts. Do you got money for that?

If you don’t got it, I can give! I went to bank today to meet Americans! I told one woman how happy I am at Obama’s speech because I am Muslim! She was surprised I have blond hair and blue eyes! We talk a long time!

She gave me a list how to resurrect an American meatloaf, ingredients and times and everything! I showed her picture of you, she gasped! She said you look like on movies! I give her your number for her son! Did he call yet? Tell me everything!

The Audacity of Hoops

I hope the president you voted for is better at that than he is at picking the NCAA.

Parental Politics

mom: ok dad on tirade about obama he yells like a wild man!

me: stand up for barack!

mom: i am, i have a voice!

Inauguration Cover-Up

Let us know about the inauguration from your viewpoint. We watched all day and every time the cameras went into the crowds we scanned for you (I know it was a silly parent thing to do with terrible odds). Of course we were watching the events, not just for you (we’re not that lame)! How was the ball? Could you breathe in the dress? Were you able to keep the important parts covered and have fun?

Inauguration Day Plans!

Backstory: My mother has been waiting for this day for 8 years and has invited everyone who can’t get to D.C.

Here is the agenda for the day:
(Please note that the agenda can be changed at any time due to the Hostess’ mood)
Stop in anytime after 11:00 AM
Brunch with soup and quiche
snacks and more snacks (cheeses, paté, dips, shrimp and whatever else I feel like making)
Champagne at the swearing in
Flag raising after the swearing in. ( I just bought a new flag)
Champagne toast for the flag raising
Photos with an almost real Obama Food and snacks while watching the parade.
Obama Triva
Champagne toast for the parade
Dinner with Pork Roast (no pun intended) and whatever else I feel like cooking
snacks champagne toast for the Inaugural Balls
Watch the Balls and eat cheese, drink wine and maybe go crazy and dance. (Ball room gown not required)
Champagne toast for the Obama’s first dance
Hey I even got an extra TV so we can be anywhere in the house and watch the festivities.


OMG: I have to buy a lot of champagne.

I Found Another Obama Sign

Liz!!! I was walking the dogs (my major preoccupation now) and guess what??!! I found another Obama sign in Krum!! YES!!! on that little road off 6th street going to the town baseball field and library. I was so excited I almost knocked on their door and said lets get together Tuesday for a watch party. Now I want to know who lives there!!

Election Night Plans

Oh, and Obama wants me to join him in Chicago on Election Night.  I think I’m going to be too busy biting my fingernails and throwing up.

Your friend,

Love, Mom