Beer’s Nutritional Value

Mom: you and [your boyfriend] need to watch how much you drink when you start back next week
you’re getting too old to overdo it all the time
Me: oh we KNOW.  don’t worry
Mom: how about fewer drinks and higher quality drinking??
just a suggestion
I’m your mother so I’m supposed to say things like that
Me: i don’t drink sh*tty stuff
hahaha no worries
Mom: good, avoid hard stuff
Me: yeah i’ll just drink good beer on my bday
Mom: at least beer has some nutritional value
Me: like what?
Mom: i dunno
maybe I made it up

Guinness is Good For Moms

Dad and I went to Clapton last night and they had Guinness on tap. Yummie! I had too many black and tans last night. I beleive the year on the Guinness cart said “‘since 1759″ which would be 250 years of delicious celebration.

Beer’s in the Fridge

Backstory: All three children the e-mail was sent to no longer live at home and are of legal drinking age.


While cleaning the area under the garage I came across a disney backpack with six or so full bottles of michelob light beer bottles. I have the chilling in the fridge now.

25 cent PBR

25 cent pbr at the rhino club on sundays! Of course you probably dont want to frequent there but i thought of you when i saw it.

Love, Mom