Winged Migration

Mom: I thought my new finch feeder was broken because I didn’t have any birds, but two of them showed up last week…
Mom: They spent all week hoarding the food, but then I think one of them must have blabbed, because now there are 50 or so out there.
Mom: And I know the one who didn’t blab is saying, “Dammit, there goes all my fucking food.”
Me: Ha!
Mom: But I’m glad I didn’t return it to the store. I thought it was broken because I had no birds!
Me: Well, it might just be that they hadn’t migrated up there yet.
Mom: Oh.
Mom: I hadn’t thought about that.

Going Bird Crazy

just got home. Some birders were in from richmond (one of them owns a house up here). I had stopped by earlier to see if I could trap eagles on their land and they invited me for supper. Then I had to shut the chickens in so I am just settling in. Sounds like you’ve been going a little crazy. I’ll try to reach you tomorrow.

Love, Mom