I Have Fun Too

Backstory: My mother got a mammogram the same day that I had a quiz in geography, and felt the need to give me an update when I gave her one.

me: aced my geography quiz! i got them all right!
mom: u the bomb! i got my boobies smashed! see? i have fun too.

Angry Mammaries

Just passed my mammo and sonogram but my boobies are really pissed!

Boob Caught Where?

We have been so busy at work this week I think we are getting delirious. F [best friend at work] was over here earlier telling me how she got her boob caught in an occilating fan yesterday and I laughed so hard I had tears.

Random Lunch Thoughts

So i was eating lunch and for some reason your tits kept popping in to my noodle :)

Thanks for the Boobs!

So I was looking around for a bra to put on under my t-shirt before your cousin Ryan arrives, and found one of yours — padded, no straps.  I’ve been struttin all day!  Much bigger than I’m used to!

Showing Her Boobs in the Misses Dept.

I felt weird. Dad was in the dressing room with me. My size was on the store dummy, and he had undressed the dummy. There was a manequin showing her boobs in the misses dept. I was scared we would get in trouble.

facebook & funbags

hey check out my new profile pic. It’s me and Laura’s right boob! Who looks best!

Boob Advice

an E??
Um Im sorry
guess you got what was meant for [my lean, athletic sister]
You could have surgery, I suppose, with your height ins would probably cover it-
Hey they sag more once you get older so you will probably go back down to an DD!
seriously you might consider having a breast reduction, I don’t know if u were planning to actually have kids & nurse, but it sure is easier to find clothes.

The Genetics of Small Boobs

Just got back from Chicago!! We had an excellent time!!!  We went bra shopping where Oprah gets all of her bras. Oprah is def. rich I only bought 2 and had a $300 bill.  She should give them away on her show.  Anyway,  the woman at the store measured me and told me that I was a D!!!  So you may now stop blaming me for your chest or lack there of I should say!  I think you must have gotten that from your father’s side!  You will be so happy when you are 80 and those suckers are still purky!!

Love you!

Love, Mom