Prevaricator, Prevaricator, Pants on Fire

Backstory: I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months and I haven’t brought him to meet my grandparents yet. My grandmother, who likes to use big words that I have to look up, is starting to get pretty peeved with me about this.

You can tell the boy the truth….we’d like to meet him!  Or you can prevaricate and tell him I can’t seem to get my email address book to work properly, which isn’t really a prevarication, prevaricator.

Don’t Jump the Crazy Gun

Backstory: I told my mom I have a crush on a boy.

He looks interesting and sounds terribly serious minded and a good soul.

Advice alert — do not tell him all the crazy things you’ve done until you get a ring & do not make out in a serious way until a few dates down the road, so to speak.

Love, Mom