Post-Breakup Advice for Chronic Masturbators

Backstory: I broke up with my girlfriend and when I shared the news with my mom, she accused me of being a chronic masturbator!

Love goes through a lot of changes and seasons.  Did you once have romantic feelings for her?  To whom do you compare her?  She is a gem, a treasure of a person, albeit not a Christian.

Honestly, and this is hard to write, I saw a stack of your mail at Tom’s when you were on your long trip.  I saw the magazines, and no real woman could ever measure up – nor should they ever have to or be compared to a model, a prostitute, or other woman who has allowed herself to be subjected to the lust of strangers in return for money.  It breaks a woman’s heart to see her man’s head swivel at the image of another woman – an image he likely tucks away in his mind to masturbate about later.

Do You!

Hi Honey,
You will get through this. Keep in touch with your friends and bite your fingers when you start typing emails to him. As they say in the hood –Do you. No man is worth questioning your self worth over – certainly not at 23 when you take care of yourself and don’t need him for jack.
Buy some shoes and kick his ass with it.
Love you

Love, Mom