I    WANT     AN     ELECTRIC     STARTER    FOR    MY     CAR

SINCE   I     LIVE     IN     THIS    ICE CUBE     OF    A     STATE.

Dad and the Garage Door

Backstory: My dad is VERY particular about his car and keeps it very clean.

Mom: you better call your father asap
Me: why what happened?
Mom: i didn’t see the car on the driveway when i pulled in the van and smashed it through the garage door
Me: holy s*** are you okay
Mom: your father isn’t
Me: why
Mom: he was in the car cleaning the windows

Puff The Magic Beetle

Backstory: “Puff” is my mother’s VW Beetle. In this e mail she is talking about what my grandmother did.

Mom backed out into Puff this morning, on her way out with her to do list… so I now have to get an estimate on her bump and scratches. Puff seems to think she had a real “wreck”. There is no dealing with her. She likes Mom to drive her because in doing so, she thinks she is living life dangerously…. and that is no shit. Now of all the people for Mom to screw up and hit, why me? She has an ever-lessening sense of spatial determination… and for me, it is truly maddening.

The Car Has Ears

An update.
The problem with the Saab–it’s  engine burned up…
Glad it did not burn the whole car up.
We are looking for a new car or new, used car.

I guess I should not have called the car a piece of shit last night. Maybe it heard me.

Love, Mom