When Beagle Met Sally

Backstory: My parents have free-range chickens. My nephew named one of the roosters “Sally.” This also happens to be my mom’s name.

I just saved “Sally” rooster from the ugly beagle that has been hanging around here! I heard a terrible commotion outside and saw the beagle with “Sally” rooster in his mouth!!!…….put my boots on and grabbed the Tee Ball Bat….chased him around and finally got an opportunity to take a couple of swings at him! He cowered and yelped for a bit then got up and ran into the corn field…..had I not been home…….oh my! I will have to watch all day to make sure the chickens are safe!

:) Have a great day! Mom :)

Words of Chicken Wisdom

Sorry I’m so useless. Thank u 4 ur help. Life would be much simpler if we were all chickens!

Love, Mom