Mysteries of the Utrow

why would a young girl wear a short skirt and no utrow? in fact, why would anyone NOT wear utrow? this is bothering me. gross and not very hygienic.

Style Tips: Jean Shorts and Tattoos

I ordered some new shoes–BOOTS!!  The low-cut ones (great with jeans).  But I was thinking I would get some jeans-shorts where the inseam is 2 inches,  some sweat socks, and a flannel shirt.  Maybe a tattoo on my calf that says “Yo Momma” or “Semper Fi.”

it would have fitted the average toddler

I can see that you have been outbid on a Lacoste Jacket, and have a bid in for a slim skinny jumper.

My money is not yours, so is it really OK, ask yourself?   You have bought on ebay a teeshirt and jacket (the duck one), which would have fitted the average toddler, so it seems to me you are better off going to a clothes shop.  You may live in a consumer capital of the world, but canny consumers can find clothes at the right price, especially in such a capital.  I know you know what you like to wear, and I am glad that you do, but one advantage of being a student is that almost anything is allowed, tattered torn, whatever!

clean undies club

This is one of those “Are you ok?” kind of emails. I really felt bad for you yesterday, having to experience the incompetent post office system and most importantly a shortage of underwear! No washing machine and no clean underwear can really send a girl over the edge. I hope by now you are in the clean undies club again and that your stupid building finishes remodeling the laundry room. OMG I would die without my laundry room!

Lots of Love and big hugs,

Love, Mom