It’s Complicated

The prep and procedure went fine, and they gave me a little extra “juice” so I wouldn’t feel anything, and I didn’t.  I just woke up a half an hour ago from a really nice nap, and hopefully I am rid of the effects of the sedation.  He said my colon is complicated.

The True Pain of a Colonoscopy

Backstory: My grandmother went in for a routine outpatient colonoscopy.

Apparently they didn’t use enough anesthesia because your grandmother just yelled through the whole thing.  Afterward she asked them if this was Elmwood Hospital or Auschwitz!

The Truth Is Out There

Backstory: My dad is the kind of guy that Tivo’s every show about aliens on tv.

Mom: tomorrow dad is on a liquid diet….he’s being probed on thursday…i told him i bet he wishes aliens were doing it

News Update: Colonoscopy Pickup Needed

Backstory: My dad and I have a standing phone call on Sundays.

mom: well  I must get going dad having colonoscopy and needs a ride home
me: thanks for sharing!
mom: I suspect they should be calling me anytime
you’re welcome I like to keep you up to date so you’ll have something to talk about on Sundays

Mom Knows Too Much About Her Plumber


donnie’s son came about 4:30..
he took enough tree roots out of trap to make wigs for 10 bald people!

poor donnie had been in the hospital..they accidentally burned a hole in his colon!
taking polyps out..they ended up taking 12 inches of his colon!

well then i asked for a discount..since it was only in oct he did it..
so he charged 100 bucks instead of 135!

ok..i think i’ll have an icecream cone now..

talk to you both later i hope..

love YOU:)

Adventures in Colonoscopy

Dad took me to lunch afterwards. All in all, the procedure itself was a breeze. I just wish that bitch with the needle had told me how much it would burn. They did warn me I might feel light headed after the IV meds kicked in, but that turned out to be a sensation I found surprisingly enjoyable. I bet my hiney was the cutest one all day.

Love you, Bumble! Don’t forget to call me after work.

Yippee Skippy Polyp Free

Good news! My colon is as clean as a whistle! Polyp free so no traditional colonoscopy, just the virtual/CT colonography! (o:

The Porcelain Launchpad

Your poor Dad has now been on the porcelain launchpad multiple times.  The first pill was at 6 pm and it is now 10ish, so they are fast-acting!



Love, Mom