True Girlfriends, Not Sexual Girlfriends

Backstory: This email came after I told my mom that the person I will be bringing with me to visit her isn’t my friend, but in fact a girl I am sleeping with (up until this point she thought I was straight).

As for sleeping arrangements go, I know that you are an adult but since you are not in a committed relationship with this girl, I think she should sleep on the couch and not in your room ( the same thing would be true if this was a man!!). Unless you two can sleep together as girlfriends, like true girlfriends not sexual girlfriends. Your grandmother is right down the hall!

And you are becoming a male hater

Backstory: My mom can be a bit dramatic.  When I told her about my new girlfriend, she didn’t take the news very well. (Also, I am half the size of Rosie O’Donnell.)

A veil of intense sorrow descends whenever you even mention it. LIke a shroud that weighs a million poounds. You are already startign to look like Rosie . YOu just don’t see it. BUt everyone else does.  And the thought of raising children with mom and mommy. My heart is broken.  I have a hole in my soul.
And you are becoming a male hater.
I don’t want to finger point. YOu don’t see it. Dad made that comment unsolicited. Belive me, we do not discuss this. Not ever. THe pain is too great for me.  I weep as I write this.

Thank you for introducing me to this world!

Backstory: I came out to my mother almost six years ago, when I was 14. She was hesitant at first, but she has gotten increasingly excited about being the parent of a lesbian ever since.

At [PFLAG's] dinner now.  Wonderful scene at a trendy building in Tribeca overlooking the Hudson. I am now hearing speeches from men dressed as Miss America contestants in crowns and evening gowns. Thank you for introducing me to this world!

Love, Mom