If You Visit a Site, They Put You on a List

I love you.  N was on vacation.  Then she was sick.  I have been at the reception desk more often to cover.  She also had some unexpected meetings.  I use her computer.  That is on the city system.  People have been using my computer when I am next door.  That is as it should be because it does not really belong to me.  That is why you have not heard from me besides the fact that we are not really supposed to use them for personal use.  I received 3 junk or suspicious e-mails.  It may be because people were using my computer.  Sometimes (I am sure you know) if you visit a site, then they put you on a list.  All of this is to say I miss you so much but I am not going to e-mail you from work.  Love, Mom


mom: !!sdrawkcab si txet ym
me: excuse me?
my text is backwards?
mom: yyse
me: like something is wrong with your computer? or you are practicing typing backwards?
mom: hpleh
mom: gnorw si tahw wonk t’nod i
rwerd seod ro
closed and now it works.
that was weird.  even my local IT guru didn’t know what to do.

Love, Mom