Be a Cougar

Me: I just passed an actor from Gossip Girl walking down Bedford Ave. I give up!
Mom: Were you in the scene?  Was he cute?
Me: Haha no, he just hangs out here!  And yes he is adorable and at least 5 years younger than me.
Mom: Be a cougar

Cougar Vs. Frump

I hope all is well.  It doesn’t sound like the big party was much fun for you.  I’m sure you were gracious and charming.  I just bought tickets for Erykah Badu next week.  She’ll be at the Fillmore June 2 and I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year.  I promise I will not dress like a Cougar but what do I wear so I won’t look to frumpy?


Backstory: My mom is considering dating a 50yr old…she is 53.  S is a good friend of her who is about 10yrs younger.

Mom: so i asked your sister, if i date this guy does that make me a cougar?

Me: Are you serious? NO, its 3yrs diff.  I can’t believe you even know what a cougar is!  Did S teach you that?

Mom: noone taught me i just no.  its people my people u know like ladies my age”

No Cougars or Ugly Daughters, Please

Backstory: I sent my mom some photos from college just to let her know I survived through the party weekend before finals. My facebook photo she references was of me wearing a leopard print shirt (that wasn’t revealing at all).

What a good looking group of friends!!

Miss you.  Where did you get the top for the facebook photo?  Just me but animal prints always seem shady or cougar like….You still look beautiful….have not changed in two weeks….hope you look the same when you get home….I could not stand having an ugly daughter…yes, I am that superficial…..dodged another bullet….I guess then we could have gotten you plastic surgery.



Love, Mom