Love You to Veggies and Wedgies

Backstory: After writing a long email to me, this is the closing or signature (instead of “love,”) from my Mom.

I love you to pieces and to mieces, to veggies and wedgies, to Santa and Fanta, fall and tall, fitness and witness, prairie dogs and big fat hogs, etc. (that’s not at all as good as what I wrote Ben. I’m in a hurry, so I’ll have to scurry.


Let them spoil you, you deserve it!

Hi- Just want to wish you a happy Friday, but especially a good Mother’s Day. Let them spoil you, you deserve it.
You’re the best mother I know. Take the kids to church and show them off; I used to like doing that, remember?

Stay fearless!

I have no problem with your language.  In fact I am quite elated to know that you are such an invovled and thoughtful person.  You will never need my approval to speak your mind.  No matter what your mind thinks.  i love your energy!  Stay fearless!

Love, Mom