Today’s List

Backstory: My mother thinks she has a poor memory, so she writes lists of things she needs to talk to me about, and sends them to me.  This was today’s complete list.

Depression, Back problems, Bi-Polar, mood swings, unkind words, lack of reality, oblivious to financial responsibilities. Strange talk. No, not me!!!

Best Depression Cures: Food and Wine?

Backstory: I emailed my mom about my suspected seasonal affected disorder in Minnesota winter and how I was having trouble finding a therapist who was taking patients.

Depression seems to run in my family. Both my mom and I have had bouts of it. I was a bit unhappy at the holidays and have managed to pull out of it. Your uncle sent your father a case of merlot, so that always helps me. Is it the job situation? I have ordered a honey baked ham to be sent to your apartment, so keep an eye out. That should help you feel better!

Keep trying to find a therapist.

Best regards,

Power Thought Cards for Depression (and Life With Dad)

Hi -

Dad seems a little blue and I think it would be a good idea to look thru your power thought cards and pick something out for him. He’s expecting an email to brighten his day. If you don’t want those cards give them to me. I need to have powerful thoughts in order to live with your father.

xoxo mom

Love, Mom