We’re Tight

Me: I got a lot of things done today.
Mom: good.
I saw dr holt. him and me. we’re tight.
he gave me his cell phone number.
well actually i saw him yesterday
Me: ….did you just use the phrase “we’re tight” ?
Mom: i did.

Mass Intensity

We had a teenage girl FAINT in the choir loft midway through the Mass.  She went down like a ton of bricks.  Somebody said should we get a doctor and this new soft spoken choir lady said “That’s okay. I’m a doctor.” afterwards I told her I wanted to sit next to her EVERY week.

Serious Medical Problems.

I have to take Sam to the doctor. Two nights in a row, he has been lying on the couch next to me when suddenly he announces, “rocket thrusters engage” and he blows a big one. I told him he needs to get his butt checked.

the average morning

just left the drs. got a shot in my back. my butt is numb. leg too. now we’re at ihop.

ADHD Medication and DirectTV

Backstory: My mom had to go to my doctor at home to pick up my ADHD medicine, and he raised my dosage without asking me because he apparently thinks I’m a dealer of some sort. Also, my parents own a furniture store together.

Yes, Dr. P. does think you will give, or sell, the pills.  He said “I don’t give the 1/2 time to college kids because they are likely to share them or sell them”.  I wanted to plea your case, because you of course are special and would not do those things, but I knew it would sound lame.  So I didn’t.

Work has been so crazy. I am worn out. Dad had DirectTV installed at the store.  Yep, he is going to get a TV and mount it on the wall right across from the sales desk.  This will allow Kirk and him to watch football games and such when big events are on and they are stuck at work.  Can you believe it?

I am worn out by all of these things.  But, I don’t want to sound negative.

Prodded, Poked, Cleaned Out, Shopping

Well, just back from the annual gyn/mammogram trip.  I’ve been prodded, poked, burned and cleaned out and all looks to be in good order!  Whew, that’s done for another year(s).

Got to Old Navy and got a few T’s.  Thanks for the tip.  They are very comfortable.

All for now,


Love, Mom