When Mom Works With High Schoolers

Mom: she [the boss] sent him home yesterday. he got off probation on wed so he smoked the W and was puking his guts up all over the street

Me:  umm get out

Mom:  well he is a VERY bad boy
even thought he keeps telling me he’s a man I keep telling him then he needs to start acting like one

Send drugs

Backstory: I recently moved to México and my mother seams to think that I’m her prescription drug mule.  This is one of her emails with a very detailed shopping list.

Can you please see if you can get some Maxalt at a pharmacy?  It is prescription here in the states..used for Migraine headaches…. It is not cheap, but if you put it on your charge card and let us know how much it is, we will send you a check to your dad’s house.  Just bring it back to the states with you and mail it when you get to Sturgis  or something.  We stock up when we go to Mexico but had a hard time getting it this year…. If the pharmacist says “it is the same as Maxalt”…do not get it…. We have done that before and it is NOT as strong as Maxalt….   There is regular Maxalt tablets and Maxalt MLT… Maxalt MLT (which means “melt”…like put under your tongue).  If you can not get Maxalt MLT then regular Maxalt is fine.  The MLT is good for traveling, in a meeting, etc.  If you can get between 6-8 tablets that should be good for now.

Thanks…let us know what you can do…



Love, Mom