it would have fitted the average toddler

I can see that you have been outbid on a Lacoste Jacket, and have a bid in for a slim skinny jumper.

My money is not yours, so is it really OK, ask yourself?   You have bought on ebay a teeshirt and jacket (the duck one), which would have fitted the average toddler, so it seems to me you are better off going to a clothes shop.  You may live in a consumer capital of the world, but canny consumers can find clothes at the right price, especially in such a capital.  I know you know what you like to wear, and I am glad that you do, but one advantage of being a student is that almost anything is allowed, tattered torn, whatever!

Computer Problems

I think that we are going to finally ditch AOL.  I want to save my favorite places and also my old email. The computer is running very slow.  I brought it down to the computer guy, and he recommends that we get a new hard drive.  He said that my hard drive is corrupted.  Who knows.  I was more concerned that it is too warm in this room and the fan is constantly going.  I will talk to you later about IE.  It will be quite a process to get Dad used to the new way of doing “EBAY”.  I may just go nuts.


Bra ha ha

So exciting, I’m bidding on a bra on e-bay!  Tried it on in the fancy lingerie shop on Mississaga St., cost $60.00.  I’m the leading bid at $5.00, with bidding ending at 3:30 p.m. today.  Welcome to the new market, M****!   (I’ll keep you posted.)


Love, Mom