Diabolical Looking Elves

Just started going through the Christmas stuff from Papa’s house. Unless one of you wants any of them, (speak now or forever hold your peace!) I plan to toss the following:

plastic holly with that distinct plastic aroma including a large holly “kissing ball”
diabolical looking scampering plastic elves in the holly
red/white/green crocheted wreaths (for elves to perch on when they’re not scampering?)
enormous K-Mart red velvet bows for instant decorating!

Papa had several strings of clear mini-bulbs which I can use outside (unless someone wants them. I also have strings of multi-colored bulbs from my “old” tree which you are welcome to.) I found this pretty funny, Papa kept the boxes that all the lights came in and since there was no way they’d ever fit back inside, he wrapped the strands around the outside of each box. I can’t decide if that’s inspired or just quirky.

Love, Mom