Emoticon Emergency

Dear Daughter,

How do I put a smiley face in my email? Your sister is out for a conference so I can’t ask her.


(Her response after I explain it is just a semicolon and parenthesis):

Thank you.
What is so funny? I needed to know how to do it.
It was important because someone sent me a sad face – and I needed a smiley face to send her.
I tried right clicking like you always tell me to do – but it didn’t help!  Darn that right clicking. I always forget that.

Love, me

On Pap Smears and Emoticons

Me: Hey Mom, just wanted to let you know that my pap smear came back negative! Love you. 12:36 AM

Mom: Thank god I’m so happy for you 12:37 AM

Me: Good night :-) I will probably be over for a few after work tomorrow 12:38 AM

Mom: Ok ({}) 12:39 AM

Me: … on my phone that looks suspiciously like a vagina. how apropos 12:40 AM

Mom: Its a big hug silly 12:41 AM

Mom: Not the vag!! 12:41 AM

Mood: Smiley Faces

The mood of this email is: SMILEY FACES :-) :-) :-) :-)

Magazine project does sound FUN. Features Director is the most fun job – but you should do the sub editing role as well (you are good at picking up grammatical errors and spelling etc). :-) :-)

No need to spaz out. All will be good tonight. I am looking foward to it. :-)

Love you lots xx :-)

;-) :-P

Emoticon Confusion

Backstory: Mom is very confused by the things my 13-year-old cousin posts on Facebook.

Am I crazy or does this look like an inappropriate emoticon            <333
It looks inappropriate to me, but what do I know?  I’m an old lady.

Monkey Emoticon See, Monkey Emoticon Do?

Mom:  :(|)
9:56 PM



can’t get the MONKEY!???

9:57 PM

help nicole

9:58 PM


oh shit..night

Getting Creative With the :)

Mum: love you (*):>}
Me: That’s an incredibly ornate and confusing smiley thing. Is it wearing a hat? Love you too
Mum: yes it is wearing a hat…..

[Several days later]

*  *

Love, Mom