Facebook Stalking with Mom

Backstory: My brother is heading to college pretty far away and doesn’t know anyone, so of course my Mom and I were gossiping about it.

Mom: I guess he’s been fb a girl from there. ¬†They are meeting on saturday
Me: too cute. I shall have to FB stalk her
Mom: well she hasn’t met him face to face yet.
Me: FB is so creepy. I’ll probably never meet her, but i know her belly button’s pierced
Mom: ohhh gross. I don’t want to know.
Me: haha it’s her belly button, not her crotch
Mom: that will be the next thing i don’t want to know. I gotta go to work.

An Empty Nest Means More Room for Everyone

Mom: Just an FYI, I was in Penny’s room/closet last night looking for a video and while moving stuff around, was able to pull that blue tub that has some of your stuff in it. ¬†Right now, it’s on the bed in Penny’s room if you want to come over sometime to look around in it.

Me: Since when did Penny get her own room?!

Mom: When everyone moved out.

[Penny is a very fat, spoiled cat.]

Greetings From Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bond

I’m just trying to figure out what I’m going to do this weekend. The only big new movie opening is G-Force and that’s about the government hiring an elite squad of highly trained guinea pigs for the secret service. So I guess I won’t be going to the movies. At times like this I’m glad I no longer have little kids.

“My name is Bond. Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bond.”


Fleeing The Empty Nest

dadums and i are actually leaving town!!!!!!!! i know, it’s hard to take in. well, the deal is that we are going to check out jim thorpe, pa (you know, the little town that dad has been going on about). we will depart the cul-de-sac on december 29th and return a whopping day later, on december 30th. i’m actually fine with that. we are staying at the posh jim thorpe inn (i insisted on the ‘deluxe room’)(spa facilities — yes, i’ll be getting one! i tried to talk daddy into one but he refused).

don’t hate us cause we’re travelers.

xoxo momma xoxox

Love, Mom