The Etiquette of Unfriending

Mom: What happens if you unfriend someone on Facebook?  Do they know it was you?  I signed on a number of people from work because I didn’t know what I was doing but really don’t need them on my Facebook.  I can always ask them things at work or send an email if I want.
Me: I think they just drop off. No notice is sent to them. If you want, unfriend me and I’ll let you know if anything happens. =)
Mom: You won’t get mad and not take me back??
Me: I promise to refriend you. You’re stuck with me for life. =)

Happy New Year… Two Weeks Late

Mom: Ok, I have a question and i need you to a) not be a brat about it and b) not be nice for the sake of being nice

Me: Um,ok?

Mom: Is it too late to send out Happy New Year cards?

Me: Yes.

Mom: You answered so fast! You didn’t even think about it. Why would you say yes so fast?

Me: Why do you even ask me these things?

Love, Mom