Kitchen Kapers

Okay, so I’m standing in front of the counter here where we keep the coffee pot, fridge and microwave, warming up some coffee and eating some cherries, and a cherry pit drops out of my mouth, onto the floor, in between the wall and the fridge. There’s not enough room for me to stick my hand in there to get it, so I go get my ruler. I stick the ruler down there and I’m swatting around the pit disappears under the fridge. So, I start thinking gee,it might attract bugs, so I get down on the floor on my stomach with the ruler, and I let out this huge fart, and I burst out laughing and spit all over the wall, and I never did find the pit.

Oprah’s Gas Wisdom

I know you don’t much like Oprah, but she had an interesting segment last night about “gas”, and what can be done about it.  Two things I remember are eating more slowly (that lets less air in through your mouth when you are in the process of eating), and cutting down on carbonated beverages while you are eating.  there was more, explaining why it happens (from both “locations), and that lots of people have this issue.

ok, I’ll stop now.

Love you,

Urgent Question

This is a personal question…..Have you ever experienced wet gas passing?

Love, momma

Love, Mom