Label Police

Backstory: This is one of a handful of times she’s met the long-term boyfriend, on a college visiting weekend, for brunch.

Great to see you this weekend. It’s been bothering me and I did not want to say anything but shouldn’t the Made of Italian Fabric label or what ever it was on D’s great coat sleeve be taken off? Seems someone will make fun of it if you don’t tell him. Maybe I am crazy… Hes a lovely guy. Hugs.

Fashion Tips for a Drag Queen Son

Backstory: My mom will often give me (her dragqueen son with nails and purple hair) WAY random and out there advice on fashion. One day she was asking what I was going to be wearing to a family function.

mom: so what r u gonna wear?

me: i dunno. something black Im sure.

mom: really?!

me: well all my pink clothes are in the wash :)

mom: :( well just don’t dress like Cher and don’t wear tight sweaters, they make you look cheap.

me: all righty then…..

Love, Mom