Happy Fourth of July! Bring Your Own Bail Money.

Backstory: Fireworks are illegal in Maryland where the party is being held, but that doesn’t stop Lloyd, my mom’s 50-something year old cousin, and his quite illegal holiday party.

Gma called this morning to say that we all (including your boyfriends) had been invited to Lloyd’s 4th of July party. I asked if she wanted to go and she said no, it was a bring your own bail money party.  he has tons of fireworks, is building a float to set them off from and a foot bridge over the cove.  It is being catered by a ribs place and another place is doing the salads.  So, if you want to come to MD to come to this party, y’all just let me know!

Early Fireworks from the “Doob Smokers”

June 30th, and we are officially under siege.  The Dead Architect’s Home, now inhabited by the “doob smokers” with lots of disposable income(?!) has had some great ones tonight.  A half stick and 30 seconds of really high, professional looking fireworks that probably cost $200. Dad and I gave them a thumbs up, a whoo-whoo and a whistle.  Hope they’ll save some for the 4th.

They’re at it again, so we’re heading back out to the porch.

Love you all,

Love, Mom