How Dad Enjoys Life

Dad got the OK from the doctor yesterday, everything is perfect and he told him to go enjoy life. Which he already does with drinking and smoking and gambling. Did I miss anything?

Mom, “The Gambler”

I’m just up in the room taking a break from the smoke.  And you know my neck starts to hurt after awhile.  Your father’s new kick is blackjack to the tune of 5 bucks a hand.  That’s to rich for my blood, you know me the nickle slots is all I need to have fun.  yesterday I was up $40 one time but of course lost it.  I only let your dad give me $20 at a time so I don’t spend to much, but then I just spend half my day wandering around looking for him to get more money, and of course he gives me a hard time every time about my “gambling habit”.  While he sits at the $5 table!  of course he has won $150 so far so there goes my argument.

I hope you and Dizzy [the dog] are getting along, please don’t take it out on her just because she’s my favorite daughter.

And please tell your brother to call us, he won’t answer when we call and your father is convinced he has burned down the house or something.  Hopefully he’s just ignoring us! See you Sunday!

“The Gambler”

Love, Mom