Mom’s Epic Trilogy

Love you more than galaxies!


The Bomb

P.S.:  Dad and I took a walk in the yard tonight and I found a DEAD SNAKE IN THE SAME AREA THAT ALL THE OTHER SNAKES HAVE BEEN FOUND IN.  BUYING DYNAMITE TOMORROW TO BLOW UP SIDE YARD BY ARCHWAY.  **Screams and runs off.  Wets pants.  Hates snakes.**

P.P.S.:  Planning to write a trilogy.  Listed from first to last are the titles I have planned.

1) Screams and Runs Off

2) Wets Pants

3) Hates Snakes

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

Mom: i was just looking for gardeners
Mom: zoe told me she doesn’t want to come and plant flowers for me anymore
Me: why not?
Me: because you never say anything nice about her?
Mom: because she’s ugly?

Dad’s Zucchini (Not a Euphemism)

dad's zucchini We just picked Daddy’s one and only Zucchini.  We’re going to make it for dinner.  Look at the size compared to daddy’s foot.  Nice pedicure, HUH!!!


Tomato Plant Advice

oh, just remembered didnt tell you about pinching out…hard to explain and in fact depends what sort of plant you have….some are bush tomatoes (often if they are cherry, but not always) but if NOT bush tomatoes then pinching out is necessary- look in the plants arm-pits- you know between the main stem and the branches…if you see little sprouts there, rub them out or pinch off. If you dont, they grow huge and your plant goes all out of control and doesnt fruit so well.
You have to be quite bossy to be a tomato grower…No! you WILL grow THIS way and NOT the way you want to, stupid little plant….

Love, Mom