Birthday Body Flash Backs



I wondered why I had weird pains all day yesterday.  My body was having flash backs. LOL

Sneeze Her RIght Out!

Backstory: I had emailed my mom about being sick and particularly sneezy. She, of course, responded by telling me I should harness my sneezing to give her a grandchild.

About that sneezing thing I think you get that from me but you have it way worse. The good news is when you are about to deliver my first granddaughter I will get you to inhale some pepper and you can sneeze her right out. I just hope the Doctor is ready with her catcher’s mitt.

We Met in My Uterus

Backstory: My mom sent me this survey where the recipient is supposed to fill out the questionnaire about the sender.

Q: Where did we meet?  A: in my uterus

Q: Take a stab at my middle name: A: Lynn, should have been Kaye but I was too groggy from the drugs they gave me during your birth

Q: Do I smoke? A: You better not.

Q: What’s one of my favorite things to do? A: reading, surfing the web, napping

Q: What’s my favorite type of music?  A: Dave Matthews band,  and I think you like the new version of music, not rapp, but the new stuff

Q: Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? A: mostly a rule follower, but there is nothing wrong with that

Q: What is my favorite color? A: hmmm.. I know you definitely like white for shirts and I think you are rather fond of black as well.

Q: How many children do I have? A: none yet, but I am hoping for 2 or 3, hint hint

I Forgive You

have i told you lately how grateful i am for your existence? i forgive you for that awful labor, the episiotomy and those awful stitches, and even those 5 months of colic.

It’s a Very Special Couch

I can sleep on that couch. Just because I am almost 54 years old does not mean that I can’t sleep on a couch. I almost gave birth to your sister on that couch I guess I can sleep on it for a night.

Love, Mom