Your Roommate’s Deep Level of Depravity

Backstory: My crazy roommate made me cry at work, my mom wrote me this to make me feel better.

You know what?  I do think she is nuts, but, think about it.  God somehow can sift through all of her “stuff” and see the good.  I know that I have never met her, her Facebook Profile is base and full of self absorption, she would make a horrible spouse, she is not a very happy person deep down.  She wants to bring everyone in her circle of influence down to her level of depravity.  If someone joins her in her misery, it somehow absolves her from dealing with her wrong living.
Are you still watching Glee???
Love you,

Gleeful for Glee!

Me: Guess what my computer let me do today!
Mom: did you burn my cd?
Me: Yup!
Mom: yeaaaaa!
Mom: right after reading your msg the Journey song came on the car radio and then of course I remembered Glee is on tonight, double yeaaaaaa!

Love, Mom