Mom the Grammar Nazi

You may be interested (or embarrassed) in this critique and response between me and a writer of a Newsweek article. The incorrect use of nonplussed (can one be plussed? no, there is no such verb). I was finally pushed over the edge in the wide-spread and flagrant misuse of this fine word. I am glad to see that I have enlightened at least one person, even though my objection was really directed to line editors, who should know better.

My last campaign was to correct CNN for their constant misuse of “to beg the question”……

My next campaign will be directed toward HGTV for everyone’s mispronunciation of realtor (they always say real-a-ter).

love, your mom, changing the world one word at a time

I feel a pair of hand-knitted sox coming on!

So I’m still being a mother……. it’s  you’re a contraction of you are , not your which is a possessive pronoun I only mention this because I love you Of course this could be some type of e-mail shorthand of which I am woefully ignorant and …… you’re….. not alone in using it.

How long are  your feet?

Foggy Grammar

a gentleman does not chase TALE… he chases tail and then tells the tale……. please fix it……I didn’t even read the entire entry…couldn’t believe the first line had such a shabby mistake……when I return tonight , I will read both entries……vagina was spelled correctly, HA, HA,

Love, Mom