It’s Baby Time!

Backstory: My husband (M) and I are graduating from grad school in May… and we’ve been married for a little over 3 years…

Mom: You and M should treat yourself to a baby for graduation!
Me: Great… a lifelong committment, just what we need… we’re doing a vacation.
Mom: That’s perfect!  That’s exactly what you need!
Me: Mom, that’s horrifying.
Mom: What, I didn’t say it…
Me: Saying it and subliminally hinting to it are the same thing.
Mom: Well… you *are* married… a vacation without birth control would be perfect!

Take the Baby Video Hint

Me: you keep sending me videos of babies
Mom: i have to go
me: ha it’s okay
Mom: take a hint why don’t you?
me: duly noted
Mom: ok, that will be the only one i give
me: the one with the dads doing the diapers makes me laugh
Mom: the emails aren’t intended to be hints
me: it’s okay if you want grandkids
Mom: i know
i’m not dying for them
me: i know
Mom: i just don’t want it to become too late
me: i think we’re still okay
Mom: well, i’ll talk with you later

as you learned in bible camp…

Hi Bumblebee,

I wanted to let you know that I didnt mean to overstep any boundaries with your fiance (fiancee? i can never remember) last night at dinner. I thought you may have already discussed children in the future and how you would handle that type of situation. You are no longer my little boy.

adoption is a great thing. foster children need love. You dont always need to procreate to know god loves you.

I love you even if she doesn’t.

she being [your fiance], not God. God is a He as you learned in bible camp (what an expense that turned out to be!)

love, your mom.

Love, Mom