Grandma’s on the Prowl

I keep looking for a boyfriend but they’re so old looking. Besides I’m enjoying my independence!!! I would give it all up if I could have your grandpa back but since that’s not going to happen I’ll only hitch up with some rich old guy who has NO FAMILY , HAS LOTS OF MONEY ,AND ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE AND ONE ON A BANANA PEEL!

Grandmas Gone Wild

Backstory: My mom and my Nana went to Las Vegas to celebrate my Nana’s 79th Birthday. ┬áMy mom took her to a Chippendales show. Peyro is our cat and HC stands for Horny Cat.

Wait til u c her pictures the dudes were calling her NANA GONE WILD THEY WERE CHANTING IT WAS SO FUNNY


Yeah i will send a preview later we went to play bingo to calm her down very hyper real funny

She looked like peyro when she grabbed the dude from behind doing the HC

Love, Mom