All I Got For Christmas Was This Guilt Trip From Grandma

Yours is without doubt the prettiest Christmas card I have ever seen! We appreciate the picture (how you change, when we don’t see you often!) Now you remind me of our sister-in-law D.C., in her younger years! I expect it is the hair style.

And for me, there is no better gift than stamps. I go through them like they were free. (Thankfully, some of them are!)

But it saddens my heart that you and K. have, with a few exceptions, refused to help your mother around the house (specifically dishes!). After fixing a big meal for all of you, she is tired! She has not been well for years, yet no one pitches in to help her out. When does she get a break? The first thing you know, she won’t be around to “do” for everyone, and at that point, I expect there will be a few regrets. Please do me a favor and help her out once in a while when you’re home! You are never a “guest” in the home of your parents.

Love, Grandma


NEWS FLASH–Your grandmother called me and told me that she would really like to have you and Ben up for Thanksgiving. She also told me, “I suppose I should send her an e-mail. We’ve learned how to get e-mails, of course, but we’re not sure how to give them.”

Give e-mails. That’s so cute.

Call her honey.

I have a meeting with the president so I have to go.

Love you-

P.S.–Did you know how many certifiably dysfunctional people there are who are gainfully employed? It’s frightening.

Love, Mom