Guilt About Other People’s Moms

Backstory: Occasionally, I get emails from this random woman who has my e-mail address mixed up with her daughter’s. I haven’t had one in about a year, because I keep responding and saying that I’m not her daughter, because I know how mad my mom would be if she thought I was blowing her off.

chris hi honey do you know megans e mail? i wanted to send her happy birthday! i got the internt. so write me so i can see its working. how is kristi? did you get the chicken i left at grannys? iwant you to work on my tatoo when are you going t grannys? i love you mom

Don’t Worry About Me

Do either of you lovely girls have the energy to pick me up – i arrive on AA#700 at 11:35 pm….if not, don’t worry, i can get in a cab with jack the ripper
love, mamasita

well wishes (and guilt)

I’m glad you arrived safely and take care. I love you have a good school year.


p.s. stop being picky and get married

Two Black Kittens Need a (Better) Home

Backstory: My mom sent this mass-email to everyone she knows (including my sister, M!)

Anyone know of a home for 2 black fixed kittens ? (under 6 mos)

M convinced her boyfriend (against my advice!) to get these 2 kittens from the shelter. He works too much (I KNEW it) and can’t take care of them. (I told you so!). So he would like to find a home for them.

I’m trying very hard NOT to say anything. That won’t last long. hmmphh

Facebook As New Fangled Guilt Conveyor

Backstory: I live 10 minutes away and always get grief I never call, now she guilts me on Facebook.

I love your hair, my sweet daughter! Oh wait, it’s been that way for a couple of weeks..hmmm…hope to see you soon…love, Mom :)

Consume, Digest, Then Poo

Offspring – I am cancelling the reservation to Arun’s restaurant.  People are losing everything to the flooding in Iowa; people are losing their homes from bank foresclosures (USA Today highlighted a family who took out a home equity loan for $100,000 – their house is now worth $60,000); the price of oil is making travel via car or air prohibitive yada yada yada and I am going to have my hard working princess daughters spend $100 each for a fancy dinner – food we consume, digest then poo? I would rather spend money supporting the local restaurants. Mama

Love, Mom
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